Young leader – Jovana Zatarakoska, Market Vision Skopje: In order to be successful and exceed your client’s expectations you need to have an “ace in your sleeve” and dedicate the time and the budget to go above and beyond the client’s brief.

Jovana Zatarakoska works in the market research and consulting department as a senior expert for quantitative and qualitative research at the Skopje-based agency Market Vision. The company considers her a real gem and she got that epithet thanks to her elegance and grace in everything she does. Behind the always communicative and smiling colleague, they […]

We always look at figures first!

Opinion of the Week with Nikolina Stojanovska, Market Vision Market Vision, one of the leading PR agencies and one of the renewed market research agencies in Macedonia, was originally established in 2001 as a consulting company. A few years later an expert from communication business joined the team and what followed could be described as […], a new platform for online research and earnings

Following the growing development of digital media and the latest trends in market research, the agency Market Vision from Skopje has created the online research panel “Prashalnik” (Questionnaire), available at, where all interested can register for free and earn from participating in the surveys conducted on this platform. More and more worldwide, online researches, […]

In the business world, learning from your own mistakes is a luxury

Today at Marketing365 we are talking to Mr. Petar Georgievski, Head of the Marketing Research Department at Market Vision. Peter has been part of the company since 2009. Аbout his work he says that the gathering of information, their analysis and decision making is what everybody does on a daily level, consciously or unconsciously. Some […]