, a new platform for online research and earnings

Following the growing development of digital media and the latest trends in market research, the agency Market Vision from Skopje has created the online research panel “Prashalnik” (Questionnaire), available at, where all interested can register for free and earn from participating in the surveys conducted on this platform.

More and more worldwide, online researches, due to their more efficient and simpler form enabled by new technologies, are replacing the traditional telephone and terrain surveys conducted by interviewers.

The popularity of these surveys is largely due to the opportunity for citizens to respond to the questionnaire at a time suitable to them and to give a sincere and well-thought answer about their habits, or the products and services they use, realizing that the work invested and time spent will receive an appropriate amount of compensation. On the other hand, companies that want to gain knowledge about the market, or more specifically their products and services in order to improve their operations will be able to get information faster and for a lower price than traditional research methods.

The online panel operates in such a way that the registered users of the panel receive an e-mail message with an invitation to participate in a research and, if they agree, they receive a link where they can access an appropriate questionnaire and fill it electronically via a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and in return receive points that they can replace for gifts or for money.

All those who are interested to fill in the polls and thus earn more money can get more information and register for free at