"The survey by MKD.mk and Market Vision predicted the outcome of the presidential elections in millimeter"

When the results of the surveys are confirmed as accurate and relevant to such a high percentage, it is a true satisfaction for us and our clients. This is no longer a coincidence but a result of our dedication, expertise, and top-notch collaboration, as was the case with the portal Mkd.mk, as part of their regular analyses and research into societal conditions. Below is an excerpt from the news that wеre published on numerous internet portals…

“On April 1st 2024, MKD.mk published the public opinion survey conducted by the Market Vision agency for the first round of presidential elections. This research, like the surveys conducted by MKD.mk and Market Vision for several consecutive years, showed the closest approximation to the actual result. Politicians from the ruling party commented that it was a survey conducted in a party headquarters. The best refutation for this is the comparison of the survey results with the results of the first round of presidential elections.

The Market Vision and MKD.mk survey showed that the ratio between Gordana Siljanovska Davkova and Stevo Pendarovski would be 2:1. This indeed happened – Siljanovska Davkova received double the votes of Pendarovski. In third place, according to the survey and the results of the first round, is Bujar Osmani, followed by Maxim Dimitrievski and Arben Taravari, and then Biljana Vankovska and Stevcho Jakimovski. These were the results of the survey, and they match the results of the State Election Commission after the first round of presidential elections.

Nikolina Stojanovska, the manager of Market Vision, says that for the numerous accusations and doubts from politicians and so-called experts, there is no better response than comparing the surveys with the election results.

“We have had the most accurate results for several elections now. This is not accidental. An accurate survey requires resources, dedication, and therefore always achieves more. Our surveys are often more expensive, they may take a day or two longer, but it is necessary for greater accuracy. Our latest survey for MKD.mk, compared with the election results, specifically with the valid votes, shows accuracy with minimal deviations within the statistical error margin of 3%, as can be seen from the survey.”

“Many analysts focus on percentages, but they often overlook the most important indicator, which is the ratio of votes between candidates. The ratio provides the most realistic picture. Percentages across different surveys are not comparable because each survey includes a large number of respondents who do not express their opinion or are undecided, and the total number of such responses varies in each survey. If you look at the ratio of our results, you will see that it is almost identical to the results of the State Electoral Commission.

It is important to emphasize that Market Vision is not an agency specialized in political surveys. We are experts in business, brand research, finance, and investment projects. Unfortunately, the lack of such projects in recent years has freed up our time to work on this type of survey…The results of all these public opinion surveys and the final results of parliamentary, presidential, or local elections in the last decade have differed by millimeters.”


Анкетата на МКД.мк и Маркет вижн во милиметар го предвиде резултатот од претседателските избори – МКД.МК (mkd.mk)